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Valentus Product FAQs

Are these Prevail© Functional Beverages alkalinizing?

With today’s consumer interest and knowledge of the human body’s pH (acidity/alkalinity) rating, and the corresponding benefits of moving towards an alkaline/basic pH of the body; Valentus’ Prevail© line of products have been tested by blood microscopists. Research being conducted in individual case studies points to a phenomenon within a 90-day period of consumption humans benefit with a positive movement towards alkalinity. Of course, individual results will vary however, empirically, Prevail© Functional Beverages do positively support healthy living with the myriad of benefits offered by our all-natural formulas. Some people initially experience mild to moderate constipation while drinking the Prevail© SlimROAST weight management coffee. Why? With any weight loss/management program comes changes to one’s metabolism. During the initial stage, the body attempts to re-balance itself while dealing with the internal environment changes that are occurring. Our body’s digestive system is sensitive to change, especially when dealing with an increased amount of stored toxins being released from adipose fat cells during the process of thermogenesis. An accumulation of these toxins can occur in preparation of evacuation through the breath, perspiration or the bowel. Increasing the amount of water is critical to ensure healthy bowel movements during a higher stage of toxicity of the body. Lemon juice has also been shown to be of help for those that suffer from mild to moderate constipation.

Are these products gluten free?

YES! All of our Prevail drinks are gluten free, non-GMO, pesticide free, and chemical free.

Are Valentus products meal replacement drinks?

No, the Valentus Prevail products are simply functional beverages, each for a different purpose. The SlimROAST Coffee and the Trim are both weight management products that aim in diminishing appetite and burning fat but are not a replacement for a meal.

Can I drink SlimROAST if I have high blood pressure?

We always recommend that you consult with your doctor before you start taking the product if you have any existing health concerns. Bring the list of ingredients with you for your doctor to read. You can find them HERE.

Can I drink the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee with a creamer?

Yes, however, some customers have observed that it does not mix as well as a regular cup of coffee. This is due to one of the active ingredients in the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee. It is a personal preference, and does not affect the performance of the product.

Can the Prevail products be taken while breast feeding/nursing/lactating?

Consult your physician or accredited health care practitioner. Due to the thermogenic effect of the Prevail SlimROAST and Prevail Trim, it is not recommended for consumption by breast feeding mothers or expectant mothers.

Can you still drink regular coffee?

Yes, of course! However, with SlimROAST, less is more. You will notice that after you’ve had one Prevail SlimROAST, you may not feel like you need another. If you do still crave regular coffee, just make sure you’ve had your SlimROAST first, then proceed to have your regular drip coffee.

Do I have to go on a diet?

No! The best part about the Valentus Prevail products is that you do not need to change your diet. It is always recommended that you cut out unhealthy foods and incorporate small amounts of exercise to produce the best results. Drinking the SlimROAST or Trim will diminish your appetite and help stop your snacking. You will eat less, which will help with weight management.*

Do I have to take Prevail functional beverages for life?

Prevail functional beverages can help many with weight loss/management, energy, libido, focus and mental clarity, appetite control, sleeping, digestion, and overall immune health. Making Prevail products a part of everyday life is an option many people will utilize to receive the lifelong benefits Valentus products provide.

Do I need to have an exercise plan?

A healthy exercise routine is always recommended and will produce the best results, but it is not necessary to be on an exercise program in order to see results with the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee.

Do the Valentus products have side effects?

Each person will react to the benefits of the Valentus Prevail beverages differently. With the SlimROAST Coffee in particular, most people will notice significantly suppressed appetite, increased focus and mental alertness, and an overall elevated mood on this weight loss coffee. If you find it too strong to begin with, try just half a package for a couple of days and gradually work up to using the full package to receive the full benefits of this weight loss coffee.

Do you need to take the seventh day off on QuickStart?

Valentus recommends that you take the SlimROAST, Trim, and Immune daily for six straight days and take the seventh day off. This is so your body can reset from the detox ingredients. By giving your body a kick-start after the day off, you will see quicker results! This is also up to you and how you feel on the product. You will not see any additional side effects if you were to continue taking them on the seventh day.

How come I’m not losing weight with the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee?

For some customers who purchased the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee to assist with their weight management goals, they struggle to lose any “weight” in their first few weeks of consuming the product. This is a result, most likely, of a number of factors including menopause, hormonal replacement therapy, anti-depressant medications, a candida albicans (yeast) infection, external stress, excessive alcohol and high caloric food consumption, or genetics. Although Valentus’ Prevail SlimROAST Coffee is designed to assist in weight management, including progressive weight loss through thermogenesis, appetite suppression control and increasing metabolism with natural ingredients designed to assist in these goals, people achieve these desired outcomes at individual rates. There are no guarantees, direct or implied, that weight loss is sure to occur. In many instances, compositional changes occur to the visceral (skeleton) fat on the body. For this reason, Valentus encourages its customers to weigh and measure themselves weekly to track progress of their weight management program.

How much caffeine is in the Prevail drinks?

Great question!
SlimROAST Coffee = 120 mg
Trim = 50 mg
Immune Boost = 0 mg
Energy = 80 mg

How much sugar is in the Valentus drinks?

All of the Valentus Prevail drinks are made with 4 g or less of organic cane sugar. The SlimROAST Coffee has less than 1 g, the Trim has less than 1 g, the Immune Boost has 3.5 g, and the Energy has 4 g.

How should I prepare my SlimROAST Coffee?

Drinking SlimROAST is so simple! First boil your water, tear open a sleeve of SlimROAST, add water to your mug, stir and enjoy! A few tips for best results: wait a few minutes for the water to cool down. If you add boiling water to the SlimROAST, it will damage some of the herbs and eliminate their effectiveness. Also, SlimROAST is most effective when it’s black. If you are a cream and sugar person, try using a sweetener and switching to a non-dairy product like almond milk.

I am experiencing “jitter-like” symptoms, including the feeling of being light-headed. Why is this?

This reaction is part of a detoxification stage known as a “healing crisis.” Some people will experience headaches, nausea, heartburn/acid reflux, constipation, excess gas/bloating, and having difficulty sleeping at night. As the body starts to shed the body of stored toxins, these symptoms will subside. If symptoms continue for longer than one week, it is recommended to half-dose until the symptoms subside.

I am feeling bloated after consuming the Prevail Trim.

This is associated with the inulin fiber in the product. It is recommended to half-dose your daily serving until the symptoms subside.

I don’t like or drink coffee.

Prevail© SlimROAST coffee has proven to help people lose and manage weight. For those who don’t like coffee or its taste there are several ways to change the taste so it’s manageable. Check What are some other creative and delicious ways to drink your Prevail© SlimROAST? In this section! Alternatively, Prevail© TRIM offers people a non-coffee option to assist in weight management.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while taking Valentus?

Yes, it is safe to consume alcohol while taking the Valentus products. All of the ingredients are all natural and safe.

What about people who are on shift work? How should they use the Prevail© products?

Although shift work can be difficult for many people, Prevail© Functional Beverages have proven to work especially well. Simply adhere to the same program switching the start time of your first coffee to when you wake up regardless if it’s morning, afternoon or early evening, to coincide with your first meal of the day.

What are some other “weight loss tips” that you can offer me?

1) Are you drinking enough water? It is important to drink plenty of water while on any of Valentus’ Prevail© Functional beverages. Water is essential for helping to assist the body in flushing out toxins that are being released by the body. If you are not drinking enough water, your body will hold onto the fat, instead of releasing it.
2) Are you eating enough? Even though this plan works to suppress your appetite, it is very important that you are consuming enough food throughout the day. If you are not, your body will go into a starvation mode typically associated with a lower caloric intake diet and will hold onto the stored fat as a defense mechanism of the body. If you are not a breakfast eater, become one. There is a reason it is said to be the most important meal of the day. Strive to have a well-balanced food plan to help set up your metabolism for success.
3) Are you getting enough fiber? Fiber helps to sweep away fat and toxins, and helps with overall health. A fiber supplement with psyllium might help speed things up a bit.
4) Are you getting enough healthy fats in your daily diet? Healthy fat helps the body absorb vitamins A, D, and E, and they are vital for your nervous system. People have seen better results with consuming healthy fats such as olive oil and olives, canola oil, almonds, cashews, peanuts, peanut butter, sesame seeds, avocados and coconut oil. It has been suggested that consuming 1 to 2 tablespoons per day will aide in overall weight loss. A popular add-on by many of our customers is to add coconut oil to their morning cup of Prevail© SlimROAST coffee.
5) Are you using a dairy creamer in your Prevail© SlimROAST? Using a dairy-based creamer has been reported by some to slow down weight loss. Try using a non-dairy creamer such as almond milk or coconut milk.
6) Is your water too hot? It has been reported that the water should not exceed 200° Celsius. If water does come to a complete boil, let stand for 5 minutes before adding to your Prevail© SlimROAST.
7) Are you consuming your Prevail© Functional Beverages fast enough and with the right amount of water? It has been suggested that for best results you are to consume the beverages within 15 minutes of dissolving the concentrated powder.
8) Are you taking the seventh day off as suggested? Yes, it may not seem like you “need” to take one day off, but your body does. Lots of changes are happening internally, and your body needs to “reset” your metabolic set point to avoid the ‘yo-yo’ syndrome of traditional dieting.
9) Are you getting enough sleep? thing-derailing-your-weight- loss-a-doctor-explains.html

What are some other creative and delicious ways to drink your Prevail© SlimROAST?

** 1/2 cup warm milk (or coconut or almond milk), 1/2 cup boiling water, Prevail© SlimROAST, touch of honey Ø Add milk & honey or just honey
** Add agave and creamer
** Add French Vanilla Coffee creamer (or Hazelnut or Irish Cream)
** Add a bit of water and liquid vanilla stevia, drink it like a shooter followed by water
** Add almond milk and mix with a small hand mixer
** Add to your regular coffee
** Drink it in hot chocolate
** Mix in morning chocolate shake
** Add to a protein shake, mixes in great.
** Make it into iced coffee, or blended iced coffee slushie
** Mix in with chocolate milk to camouflage the taste
** Put into gelatin capsules, if you dislike the coffee taste
** Iced: add to unsweetened almond milk, chocolate whey powder, touch of nutmeg or cinnamon
** Iced: add to almond milk, chocolate protein powder, banana and peanut butter
** Add organic or lactose-free 10% creamer, stevia to sweeten, then to specialize, add a dash of flavored extract. Almond, maple etc.

What ingredients are in SlimROAST Coffee?

Prevail SlimROAST Coffee is formulated with all-natural, fat-burning ingredients and detox components. Here are the ingredients: non-GMO dark roast coffee, chlorogenic acid, garcinia cambogia, 95%, phaseolamin, cassiolamine green tea 100:1 extract, ginseng 100:1 extract, L-carnitine with chromium.

Why is my mouth dry seemingly all the time?

One of the by-products of thermogenesis is heat. When the body begins to metabolize stored body fat, heat is related in the process. A natural thirst will occur, so be sure to increase your water intake. It is recommended that you should drink half of your body weight in total ounces of water daily

Will I lose weight drinking SlimROAST Coffee?

Results will vary from person to person drinking the Prevail SlimROAST Coffee; however, the results have been unbelievably positive in regards to weight loss with this product.* Many people have been feeling better, losing weight, sleeping better and overall having a lot more energy. Check out some of the testimonial pictures here>>

Ordering FAQs

Do I need to be on a Loyalty Order?

You do not need to be on a loyalty order each month; however, we recommend choosing a date each month to receive your new product to ensure you do not run out. There is no contract and you can change your monthly date or product selection anytime. You can even cancel your loyalty order and start a new one with more or less boxes. If you want to earn the most commissions, you need to retain one order per month of one box or higher. You can do this manually or through the loyalty order option.

Do you ship outside North America?

YES! Valentus ships to over 50 countries globally. Shipping and taxes will vary depending on which country you are ordering from.

How can I receive my Valentus product for free?

Great question! If you are a preferred customer, you can earn your product for free each month. All you need to do is refer two friends to order product from your Valentus ID. You simply give them your ID number and the website. They enter your ID number and if they sign up with a monthly authorship, your next order is FREE! You must make sure that you have set up an autoship to receive this benefit. You can cancel anytime!

How long does it take to receive my product?

If you are in Canada or the United States, your order will be shipped within 48 hours and you will receive it to your door in 7-10 business days.

How much does Valentus cost per month?

We recommend the 12 in 24 plan which is three Prevail products per day for one month. You can order all three for $129 US or a two month supply for $199 (six boxes). If you are only looking to drink the SlimROAST Coffee, the prices are the same. Check out more on the order page. Just click ORDER at the top right of the page.

I live in Canada. Do I have to pay duty?

We ship from Utah, USA into either Calgary or Toronto. From there it will be delivered via Canada Post to your home. You do not have to pay duty, just the taxes in your province.

Is my credit card info secure?

Yes. You are not giving me your credit card information. When you order, you will be directed to Valentus Corporate secure website where you will enter your credit card information. It is held in your account there and not recorded. Your information is 100% secure and safe.

What is the difference between a preferred customer and an IR member?

You can order any of the Valentus products as a preferred customer and receive preferred pricing. When you pay a one-time $20 IR membership fee, you immediately hold a spot within our fast-growing company. You will receive seven personal websites and become eligible to start earning income right away. When you refer people to your websites to purchase product or join you as an IR member, you qualify to be paid in up to seven different ways with Valentus! Read more about joining our team HERE

Where is Valentus made and shipped from?

Valentus Prevail products are formulated and shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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